Anomaly Protection Service

The APS is a not for profit humanoid anomaly protection service. We enlist anomalies to research, recruit and manage the service, and there are multiple psychology services within the APS to help people gain control of their anomalies and talk through day to day life.

there are two anomaly classes in the APS:

A class A anomaly is an outwardly visible anomaly. Class A's are often sent to recruitment services, as they can show suspect anomalies that they are alike.

These can be described as telekinesis, telepathy, or physical anomalys such as markings on the skin.

A class B anomaly is an invisible anomaly. Class B's are sent to research/medical services, as they can relate to and understand other anomalies, but can't show their likeness.

These can be described as heightened senses, one way telepathy (Class B can read another persons mind, but can't communicate that way), or universal language. Neocities.

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